Contact Lens Care and Policy




*Wash your hands with soap and water before handling with contact lenses.

*Build up your wear-time slowly, if this is your first time wearing contact lenses.

*Clean your contact lenses with the recommended disinfecting/cleaning system every night. (please read the instructions on how to use your disinfecting solution)

* If using 2 week contact lenses, make sure you do the 30 second cleansing. Which means rub each side on the contact lens for 30 seconds with contact lens solution.

*Use contact lens rewetting drops (not Visine or Clear Eyes) when your eyes feel dry. A few examples of brands: Refresh for contact lenses, ReNu MultiPlus Lubricating & Rewetting Drops, Blink for Contacts

*Remove your contact lenses and call our office immediately if there is any ocular pain, light-sensitivity, irritation, redness, or mucus discharge.

*Disinfect your lenses every 3 days and change solution when you are not wearing them. Clean contact lens case nightly by throwing out the solution before putting your contact lenses in the case. Have a pair of back-up glasses for emergencies or days when your eyes need a break.




*Sleep in your contacts lenses without consulting your eye doctor.

*Swim, shower, or bathe in your contact lenses, it will increase the risk of eye infections & blindness.

*Use someone elses contact lenses or eye drops.

*Store contact lenses in anything other than the recommended disinfection system.

*Let tip of the solution bottle (or any eye drop bottle) touch anything.

*Sleep in your contact lenses if you smoke, or have dry eyes, diabetes, or autoimmune diseases. It will increase your risk of infection, corneal ulceration and blindness.


Here is a good source for viewing contact lens tips and training video available:


Contacts Lens Exam Policy


You have 60 days from the date of service for any changes or follow-ups, should you need any after your exam. If you have any problems contact lens after the 60 day policy, a visit may be subject to a fee or a new exam performed. All exams are finalized 60 days after date of service.